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How we started:


Ashton was a talented artist who loved Paris. Before she lost her battle with cancer, she asked if her and her family could take a trip to Paris. A group of family friends got together to make Ashton's wish come to life. They carried out numerous fundraisers and raised enough money to send the Miller family to Paris. Shortly after, the group of friends started to be called "Ashton's Angels."

After Ashton passed away, her parents got together with one of Ashton's favorite high school teachers and they decided to set up an organization in her honor. The goals of the organization were to spread childhood cancer awareness, provide European travel scholarships to deserving students, promote the arts, and support young adults with cancer. Once this happened, Ashton's teacher and a group of students worked to implement Ashton's Angels at her high school. This project took off and was renamed "The Ashton Fund." Over time, the name has changed back to Ashton's Angels. 

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