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Raise Awareness:

By telling Ashton's story, selling tee shirts, hosting community events (in the Greensboro & Chapel Hill areas), and promoting childhood cancer awareness month with tee shirts and gold ribbons, we constantly raise childhood cancer awareness.


Support the arts:

To support the arts, we raise money to give to the art department at Ashton's high school, host scholarship prize art shows for high school students, and contribute to scholarships for art/ art history students at UNC- Chapel Hill


Provide Scholarships:

We provide European travel scholarships to deserving North Carolina high school students, contribute to study abroad trips for art/ art history majors at UNC-Chapel Hill, and provide college scholarships to top placers in the Ashton Miller Memorial Art Show (high school).


Help young adults:

We are in the process of setting up a support group for college- aged cancer patients at the UNC hospital, as well as for sibilings of cancer patients to help them cope with the issues and confirm that they are not alone in the fight against cancer.

What we do

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